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Allen & Associates provides the most thorough and current real estate data. We deliver information you can absolutely trust, using both our own proprietary research and data from such sources as CoStar, Claritas and REIS, Woods and Poole, Site to Do Business and Real Capital Analytics. We provide the information that can help you invest wisely, make it easy for funders to say “yes,” anticipate challenges and reinforce your organization’s credibility.

Our expert, versatile staff provides a perspective on even the most complex real estate challenges to help you choose the best options and communicate them to your team, partners and lenders.

    Trust us for:

  • The most comprehensive and current real estate information in Michigan
  • Knowledgeable, objective analysis
  • Fast response
Allen & Associates Appraisal Group Troy

5700 Crooks Road
Suite 200
Troy, MI 48098
Phone: (248) 433-9630
Fax: (248) 433-1314

Allen & Associates Appraisal Group Detroit

4444 Second Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 753-1715

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